Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two lost bridges & an old tree!

The main goal of our afternoon outing was to see if we could find any of the old trail that used to go up to a long gone bridge that crossed Upper Latourell Falls. However since it was just a touristy drive kind of afternoon up the Gorge we also took the opportunity to stop and get some photos of Dalton Falls before they dry up for the year along with the upper tier of Mist Falls and all three tiers of Cape Horn Falls over on the Washington side of the Columbia. We also stopped at Oneonta Gorge to see if a tree photographed in 1908, 1920 & 1995 growing on the edge of Oneonta Bluff was still there & alive,It was! Finally we checked what was left of an old ornate footbridge that used to cross the Old Coumbia Highway just West of Latourell Falls.

After some scrambling up the hillside & around in the undergrowth we did find a section of the old trail that had been blasted into the cliff side, in fact the old cable handrail was still there and we were able to follow this around to where the bridge had once been!

A fun afternoon of sleuthing in the Gorge!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Burnt Lake & beyond!

Saturday March 20th, we celebrated the vernal equinox by hiking up to Burnt Lake, then on to the Summit of East Zigzag Mountain before returning by way of the Cast Creek Trail. Just shy of 12 miles that's normally impossible in March unless you do it on Snow Shoes or Skis but this El Niño winter it was passable, though we still ran into a fair bit of snow climbing up East Zigzag Mountain!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shamrock Run

Sunday March 14 was the Portland Shamrock Run - 22,000 runners 4 events from a walk to a 15k. The weather was way better than last year when it rained continuously! Chiyoko smashed her time from last year running the 8k in 44:11 & I shaved a few seconds off my 15k time of last year finishing in 68:10.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Trails Scotty

March 8th 2010 my great friend & hiking buddy Scotty passed away. When we were out hiking Scotty was always a few minutes behind the rest of us, it wasn't because he was slower than us but he had a sixth sense about people he passed on the trail & if he thought that they had a connection to his beloved Hawaii he would have to stop & talk to them! If he met someone form Hawaii on the trail his day was made. Going down hill was a different story though, when we were heading home & going down hill Scotty was always in the lead.. We will miss you on the trails Scotty but one thing I'm sure of, where you are hiking now I know that you have already met all the Hawaiians :^)..... Here are a few photos of our many hiking adventures over the years.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A quick trip to Seattle..

Rhododendron pentaphyllum
Friday was the Spring Great Plant Picks meeting at the Miller Botanic Garden in Seattle. Driving to Seattle & back in one day isn't much fun especially when you are coming back on Friday during rush hour but the meetings are always fun & it's hard to pass up a chance to tour the garden! Here are a few more pics of the garden.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain

This year February is more like April or even May when it comes to high places that are snow free! People have been hiking up to Larch Mountain all winter long, at 4000' this is normally only possible on snowshoes during the winter months. We took the direct route up the Larch Mountain trail then returned by way of the Oneonta & Franklin Ridge Trails for a round trip loop of 16.2 miles (7.2 up & 9 down). Most of the year Larch Mountain is accessible by car but during the winter months they gate the road & the only way to get there is on foot, this day we weren't the only people who set out to reach the summit! We reached the Summit just before 12:00 and had the place to ourselves for a few minutes but then a steady stream of fellow hikers began to arrive.