Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

A clear day on Larch Mountain!

Sunday 11/20/11 was forecast to be the only dry Sunny day for a long time & so we made a late decision to do a long hike! We didn't leave Multnomah Falls until 10:15 & began the 7 mile hike up to Larch Mountain. We started seeing snow after 2 miles & by 3.5 miles the trail was completely snow covered. We had hoped to reach the top in 3 hours but the snow slowed our progress & it was 1:45pm by the time we reached Sherrard Point. The views were fantastic though & it was well worth the effort to get there! After lunch & some hot tea in the clear crisp 32F air we packed up & headed for home getting back to Multnomah at 4:30pm before it got dark & more importantly before the coffee shack closed :^)..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bow Fell, Esk Fell & Sca Fell Pike

Friday October 29th Tim & I set off to climb Sca Fell Pike via Bow Fell & Esk Pike. We set off from the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel in Langdale at 8:45 and made our way up towards Bowfell by way of the Climbers Traverse & the Great Slab. We then went on to Esk Pike & finally Sca Fell Pike by way of Esk Hause. We came back by way of Angie Tarn, Rosset Gill & Mickledon Beck.


October 26th Tim  I set out to climb Helvellyn in Cumbria, at 3117' it's England's third tallest Peak. We also took in the Striding Edge scramble route. When we left Warton Lancs at 7:30am skies were clear but sadly that wasn't the case on the windswept slopes of Helvellyn!

Ingleton Falls Trail

Tuesday week two we all went & hiked the Ingleton Falls Trail. This has the reputation of being one of the best waterfall trails in England. On the down side it's on provate land & it's not a public footpath with a right of way which means it's one of the very few places in the UK where you have to pay to walk :^(...

Arnside Knot

Monday, November 7, 2011

Harlech Castle & Breakfast!!

After Breakfast at the Ivy House B&B in Dolgellau we headed for Harlech Castle by way of Penmaenpool & Barmouth.


After climbing Cadair Idris we spent some time walking around Dolgellau, it really hadn't changed that much in 40 years, but in a town were many of the building go back to the 1600s perhaps that should not be a surprise!
The old home

The Hermon Bungalow

We moved from Liverpool to the Wilds of Wales in 1965 when I was 3. We first lived here, the Hermon Bungalow. Its a bit bigger now than it was back then, there is a extension on the back & a lovely conservatory on the front. When we lived there all cooking was done on an Aga Stove, Lighting was from calor gas lamps, there was no electricity & the water supply was a spring behind the house.

On top of the Cadair!

Our second weekend in the UK we left Warton in the early morning hours & headed for Wales! Our first goal was to climb Cadair Idris. Thankfully the weather cooperated even though the winds were blowing at about 50mph!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Impromptu Family Reunion!

An impromptu family reunion with Aunts & Uncles in the Lake District, from left to right:
Guy, Chiyoko, Albert, Irene, Colin, Joan, Mum, Brenda & Dad.
The rest of the Holliday snaps are here.


Thursday we headed off to Coniston with Mum & Dad for a look around the town and a hike aroud the foothills of Old Man. We returned by way of the Windermere Ferry.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The West Coast

Wednesday we made our way down the West Coast of Scotland to Stranraer & the gardens at Castle Kennedy before returning to Warton Lancs.