Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Many thanks go to Chiyoko & Mirranda for putting on a Great Christmas Dinner that we all enjoyed! Although no Christmas would be complete without Suzy's Steamed Cranberry Puddingflambéed by Phil!

Down to the wire!

Down to the wire! Chiyoko putting the Royal Icing the Christmas Cake in the nick of time... 

Boxing Day Eve..

Boxing Day Eve we were treated to a surprise snow shower! It only lasted for a few hours but made for some nice Christmas Photos :^)..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

A walk in the snow

Sunday 12/09/12 I set off with a group from on a Russ Jolly - Nesmith Point Loop. We started at Horsetail Falls at 7:00am. We took the Russ Jolly Trail to the Upper Shelter & then a bushwhack route up to the Rock of Ages Trail. From here we hiked over to the junction with the Horsetail Creek trail & then on to Nesmith Point in the snow. After a short lunch break we hiked down the Nesmith Point trail to it's junction with the old washed out section of the 400 trail that heads back to Dodson. We took this trail & found it to be mostly easy going despite the washouts. From Dodson we quick marched back to Horsetail Falls on the road for a 14.6 mile loop with about 4675' of EG.

The 2012 Meet & Deet!

December 8th was the annual Meet n' Deet! Like fishermen getting together to tell tall tales of their hiking exploits over the previous 12 months. Special guests for the evening were Don & Roberta Lowe who kindly signed books that they had written in the 60 & 70's about hiking trails in Oregon & Washington. There is a thread on the event here on the portlandhikers site.

Another Waterfall ticked of the list!

Sunday Chiyoko & I headed out to tick another Off Trail Gorge Waterfall off our list - Lower Greenleaf Falls. As bushwhacks go this turned out to be an easy one! We made our way up the side of the Falls & connected with the PCT above to make a loop out of the trip.

Cake in the Woods

So on our Sunday hike the group Surprised me out in the woods with Birthday Cake & Champagne! Not your average hiking day lunch - Thanks guys..


We spent a great Thanksgiving Day with friends & family over at Phil & Suzy's again this year. Great food & lots of laughs!

Birthday Breakfast!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Supplies!

Headed out to Lady Di's on our annual trip to stock up on real bacon & black pudding along with supplies of other English essentials for the Holiday season :^)...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Anwen's Bison..

Anwen's been busy at Liverpool Uni painting Bison!
Painted with red & black Ocher using hands & sticks.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pokin' Around the Multnomah Basin..

Saturday November 10th we set out for a loop around the Multnomah Basin. We went up the Larch Mountain trail as far as the High Water trail before heading into the Basin. We checked out the remains of the old 1931 Buick, the Christmas Trail, Nesika LodgeBickel Point.

Mapping on Archer Mountain Again

Sunday Eric & I headed out to map the last few bits of trail we were missing on the East side of Archer Canyon. We tracked the new trail from the Scott Point Junction up to Arrow Point. The Arrow Point - Quiver Point connector & finally the short connector between the Pipeline & the Hanging Meadow trail. I think we now finally have everything on the East side of the Canyon mapped!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Secret Stealth Hike!

A top secret stealth hike on the Washington side of the Gorge :^)..

Archer Mountain to Aldrich Butte

Saturday 10/13/12 I set off with Peder, Eric & Mark to hike a route we had stitched together from High Valley, Archer Mountain to the Aldrich Butte trailhead making use of unofficial trails, the old Russ Jolley trail, old forest roads & even an old logging railroad grade. Originally it was going to be a peak bagging trip but because of the bad weather we just hiked the main route from end to end. It still came in at 22 wet & soggy miles with over 6500' of elevation gain! Mark & Eric made a couple of fun movies of the trip, here is Mark's & here's Eric's.

Exploring the Old Vista Ridge Trail

Sunday 10/07/2012 a group of us set off to explore whats become known as the Old Vista Ridge Trail. This is the original first 3 miles of the Vista Ridge Trail from the old Trail Head at Perry Lake to the current trail head. The trail fell into a state of disrepair & was almost lost but then a group from cleared all the fallen trees & opened it up again.
For some unknown reason some Kill Joy or Kill Joys in the Forest Service didn't like the fact that the trail was opened again & keep pulling down the directional signs that volunteers put up but the fact is it's open & thanks to Portland Hikers gaining in popularity again. Depending on how many of the side trips you take you can hike anywhere between 6 & 9 miles on this out & back hike. We tried to hit all the known points of interest along the way. They are: The Rock Pile, Owl Point, Alki Point, Perry Lake & the short bushwhack side trips to Kutsak PointRed Hill.

Mississippi Head & Illumination Rock

Saturday 10/06/12 I set out with Eric, Peder & Brad to hike a loop around Mississippi Head & up to the Illumination Rock Saddle at 9300'. We also checked out the old crash site of the B26 plane. It was a dry sunny day but in places we battled terribly windy conditions especially on the Zigzag glacier climb up to the Saddle. Nevertheless it was was great hike & my first trip up to the Illumination Saddle.

A Bushwhack (from Hell) up Opal Creek to Tanner Butte

Saturday 09/22/12 Don Peder & I set out to find the Waterfalls on Opal Creek, a tributary of Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge. It took us over 4 hours to travel the 3.5 miles up the creek to the falls! We then bushwhacked our way up to Tanner Butte & returned by way of the Tanner Butte trail. The whole trip was about 21 miles with 4500' of Elevation Gain. The 5.5 miles of bushwhack took us 8.5 hours & the whole trip almost 13.

A Search for Recession Lakes

Sunday 09/30/12 Eric, Peder & I headed out for another hike over the Eliot Glacier & around the Mooney Tarn. The Goal of this hike was to see if there was another high lake up on the mountain near the Mooney Tarn. The reason being there is a lake called Recession Lakes marked on Most Topo maps. After climbing about 1000' above the Mooney Tarn we can say that there is no second lake up in the area & the Mooney Tarn & Recession Lakes are one and the same place. It was a great day in perfect weather to be out on the mountain.

To Infinity & Beyond!

On 9/16 Eric, Mikio, Chiyoko & I set out on a great trip up the ridge that separates the Glissan & Ladd Glaciers. It's unofficially called "Gladd Ridge". We then crossed over the foot of the Ladd Galcier to Barrett Spur  & came back down by way of the ridge on the East side of Ladd Creek. A great off trail trip.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Timberline Loop in a day.

Saturday September 8th I set off with 7 other folks to hike the Mt. Hood Timberline trail in day. We set out from Timberline Lodge just after 5:00am going counterclockwise towards Cloudcap first. The whole thing clocked in at 37 miles, 9,500' of elevation gain & about 15 hours on the trail. I didn't take too many pictures as I was always afraid of falling behind the rest of the group! If you would prefer to do this hike in 12 minutes rather than 15 hours then watch this video :^).. Thanks to Eric & Mark for all the photos that filled in the places I missed!

Timberline to Paradise Park

Labour Day we set out on a Car shuttle hike from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park & then down the Paradise Park trail to Road 39 near Highway 26. The flowers at paradise were in fine form & the weather was perfect! Along for the hike were Kazuko, Dominic & Pascal, Keiko, Greg & Chizuru. Just over 14 miles but nearly all down hill :^)..

Lunch Time!

Hiking on Mars

Well OK it's not really Mars but the Langille Crags on Mount Hood. Peder & I did a loop around the Languille Crags & the Mooney Tarn taking in both the upper & lower crossings of the Eliot Glacier.

Heading down the Langille Glacier (more of a snow field these days) to the Mooney Tarn.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mooney Tarn

Sunday August 18th, Chiyoko, Eric & I decided to knock out two Mt. Hood Access trails that Chiyoko & I had never hiked before & Eric hadn't hiked for 20 years! The Elk Cove Trail & the Pinnacle Ridge Trail. Since we were also on that side of the mountain we decided to make a trip up to the Mooney Tarn & the old Mooney plane crash site. A long but very enjoyable day was had!

McIntyre Ridge

McIntyre Ridge - August 2012

We made a quick afternoon hike up on McIntyre Ridge with Kazuko & Pascal this past weekend to get their hiking legs back in shape after their 5 weeks in France!

Barrett Spur from Vista Ridge

The week after we returned from the Elkhorns we met up with Nancy & Eric to hike up to Barrett Spur from the Vista Ridge trail. The was our first in through the area burnt in last years Dollar Lake Fire.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Eight

Sunday was the last day of our Elkhorns trip & the long drive home! We made one stop along the way Breakfast in the small mountain town of Meacham :^)..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elkhorns Trip - Day Seven

For our last hike in the Elkhorns we returned to the Anthony Lake area & chose Van Patten Butte on the West side of Anthony Lake. Chiyoko sat this last scramble out prefering a lazy last day by the lake to end her vacation with!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elkhorns Trip - Day Six

Friday we stayed close to home and after replenishing the cabin water supply at the local spring we climbed up Black Mountain on the South side of Philips reservoir. After the hike Karen showed us an old Gold Mine & some abandoned miners cabins.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Five

The view from the summit of Elkhorn Mountain.

Thursday the 5 of us set off to hike the Twin Lakes trail up the Elkhorn Crest Trail & then scramble up to the summit of Elkhorn Mountain. The highlight of the day was seeing all the Mt. Goats at Twin Lakes.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Four

Anthony Lake - Wednesday Morning at 6:00am

Wednesday we only had half a day for a hike as in the afternoon we had to travel South through GraniteSumpter to meet our friends Karen & Nancy at Karens cabin South of Philips Reservoir. We decided to hike the Lakes Lookout trail before leaving Anthony Lake.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Three

Tuesday, Day Three we set our sites on a more distant Peak, Mount Ruth a near 16 mile there & back again hike.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Two.

Day 2 we set out on a 3 peaks scramble around Anthony Lake, taking in Gunsite, Angell & Lees Summits.

Elkhorns Trip - Day One

Sunday July 16th Chiyoko, Eric & I set out for a weeks hiking in the Elkorn Mountains. Day one was the 300 mile drive to Anthony Lake that would be our base camp for the first 3 days. Our only stop was at Cousins Country Inn in the Dalles for breakfast!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Birthday Balloon Ride!

Saturday July 7th Pascal & I used the excuse of Kazuko & Chiyoko's July Birthdays to go for a Hot Air Ballon Ride with Vista Ballon Adventures. We had to be there by 5:15 which meant leaving home at 4:15am. We told the girls we were going hiking on the coast & wanted to be there in time for the Sunrise :^).. The flight was supposed to be about an hour but (luckily for us) our ballon pilot had a difficult time finding somewhere to land so we were up for about 90 minutes & ended up having to be pulled out of a radish field! It was lots of Fun....