Thursday, May 31, 2012

Traversing Munra Ridge

So last Sunday I was out with a group from Portland Hikers on a mission to fix up the Moffet Creek trail from the Van Ahn Rim down to the Tanner Creek Crossing. This trail is little traveled but important because it's the only connector trail allowing for a Columbia Gorge Though Hike on the Oregon side.

To make things more interesting we took the direct Munra Ridge route up to Moffet & the Van Ahn Rim. A great but long & tiring day in the woods!

Searching for Russ Jolly!

Sunday May 20th I was out with a fellow group of explorers tracing the old Washington Russ Jolly trail West from Keuffler Road to Duncan Creek. The trail goes through some wonderful country that isn't seen by many. One of the highlights was Big Momma Falls on Woodward Creek.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A bit windy on Cedar Ridge!!

Last Sunday we headed out with friends Kazuko, Pascal, Keiko, Gregg & Chizuru to hike the Cedar Mountain Loop. Great weather & views but it was a bit windy up on the ridge :^)..

Apron Falls

Hidden away on Duncan Creek on the Washington side of the Western Gorge is Apron Falls. We saw it for the first time on 05/06 while exploring the route of the old Washigton side Russ Jolley Trail.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Ws!

Sunday 29th I set off on an off trail adventure in the Columbia Gorge with fellow Portland Hiker Peter. Our first goal was the direct scramble from the lower Wauna View Point to the the Upper Wauna Diving Board. A climb of about 1100' in 4 tenths of a mile.

Our second climb was also a direct climb up to Waespe Point & then over to the Bickel Overlook before returning by way of the off trail Franklin - Oneonta route.

A great day of scrambling & route finding in the Columbia Gorge!

A walk past Elowah Falls!

On our way to Munra Point we had to walk past a raging Elowah Falls!

Munra Point

Sunday April 22nd Chiyoko & I hiked up Munra Point, we were treated to the usual fantastic views from the top as well as great displays of Glacier Lilies & Grass Widows.