Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Birthday Balloon Ride!

Saturday July 7th Pascal & I used the excuse of Kazuko & Chiyoko's July Birthdays to go for a Hot Air Ballon Ride with Vista Ballon Adventures. We had to be there by 5:15 which meant leaving home at 4:15am. We told the girls we were going hiking on the coast & wanted to be there in time for the Sunrise :^).. The flight was supposed to be about an hour but (luckily for us) our ballon pilot had a difficult time finding somewhere to land so we were up for about 90 minutes & ended up having to be pulled out of a radish field! It was lots of Fun....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Back on Hood!

Saturday June 30th was our first hike on Mt. Hood since September of last year. The trip up McNeil coincided with a visit from old School friends Charles & Paul. The weather forecast wasn't great but we stuck to our plan & made it up to the end of the ridge. Unlike our July 2011 trip though there were no views to be had on this trip!

A large fire dry clothes & a few beers at the McNeil campground helped us recover our spirits!

Crossing Hamilton Creek.

This was the 4th & final part of our plan to map a route from Table Mountain to Archer Mountain on the Washington side of the Gorge. It involved finding a route down from the North end of Hamilton Ridge under the power lines, across Hamilton Creek then up the other side to the power line road that leads to the North West Ridge of table Mountain. Along for the day were master Gorge explorers Don & Beag.