Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elkhorns Trip - Day Seven

For our last hike in the Elkhorns we returned to the Anthony Lake area & chose Van Patten Butte on the West side of Anthony Lake. Chiyoko sat this last scramble out prefering a lazy last day by the lake to end her vacation with!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elkhorns Trip - Day Six

Friday we stayed close to home and after replenishing the cabin water supply at the local spring we climbed up Black Mountain on the South side of Philips reservoir. After the hike Karen showed us an old Gold Mine & some abandoned miners cabins.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Five

The view from the summit of Elkhorn Mountain.

Thursday the 5 of us set off to hike the Twin Lakes trail up the Elkhorn Crest Trail & then scramble up to the summit of Elkhorn Mountain. The highlight of the day was seeing all the Mt. Goats at Twin Lakes.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Four

Anthony Lake - Wednesday Morning at 6:00am

Wednesday we only had half a day for a hike as in the afternoon we had to travel South through GraniteSumpter to meet our friends Karen & Nancy at Karens cabin South of Philips Reservoir. We decided to hike the Lakes Lookout trail before leaving Anthony Lake.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Three

Tuesday, Day Three we set our sites on a more distant Peak, Mount Ruth a near 16 mile there & back again hike.

Elkhorns Trip - Day Two.

Day 2 we set out on a 3 peaks scramble around Anthony Lake, taking in Gunsite, Angell & Lees Summits.

Elkhorns Trip - Day One

Sunday July 16th Chiyoko, Eric & I set out for a weeks hiking in the Elkorn Mountains. Day one was the 300 mile drive to Anthony Lake that would be our base camp for the first 3 days. Our only stop was at Cousins Country Inn in the Dalles for breakfast!