Monday, January 28, 2013

Junk in the woods!

Exploring the abandoned logging roads West of Devils Rest yesterday we found many curious items beside this (whatever it is) including 2 motorbikes, lots of tires & even an old vacuum cleaner :^).. It's an interesting are to explore and using the old Palmer Mill road you can make a loop around Devils & Angels Rests too.

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Juneuary" on Mt. Hood :^)

Sunday January 20th we set off for "Juneuary" on the Mountain! A temperature inversion that had been in place for over a week meant that it was warmer up on Mt. Hood than it was in Portland. It was 20F when we left our house at 7:30 but already in the 40's at 5000' on Mt. Hood's South side. Friends Mana & Chizuru joined us for a snowshoe hike from the White River Snow Park up to Timberline & back. The weather was fantastic & the temperatures climbed as we did! We called it a day on a rock about 200' above the timberline overflow parking lot at 6000'. Eric who was up there skiing skied on over to say hi & help us out with a jump shot :^).. For the return trip I couldn't resist the rare chance of a January Snow Shoe in shorts!

A Sunny day in the snow.

Sunday was Dry Sunny & cold, 12 degrees F when we arrived at Government Camp on our first winter snow shoeing trip to Hood in many years. We parked at the Skibowl Parking area then hiked back down the road to the Mirror Lake Trailhead. We hiked up to Mirror Lake then on up to the Summit of Tom Dick & Harry Mountain. After lunch in the Sun we continued our hike along the top of TD&H to the Skibowl Resort where we made our way back to the parking area through the maze of ski runs & trails.

Our first hike of 2013

For our first hike of 2013 we did the classic Multnomah - Wahkeena Loop. Reports were that roads & trails in the Gorge were all iced over & that even the Mazamas has cancelled all weekend hikes in the Gorge. We decided the safest place to try & get to was Multnomah Falls on I84. The roads were fine but everything else was all iced up when we got there! We donned micro spikes for the 6.5 mile loops & enjoyed an icy winter wonderland for a few hours!

Multnomah Falls

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Making Mochi

New years day I made a batch of Mochi!

Mochi Rice

Beaten to death in the Kitchen Aid!

Et Voila!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Last hike of 2012

Sunday December 30th we set out for a snow shoe hike up to Larch Mountain. It was a perfect day for the trip, cold but clear blue skies & trees covered in snow. The Larch Mountain Sherrard Point view point was full with snow to the top of the chain link fence. A great day in the woods with great folks.