Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rain, Rain & More Rain!

One inch of rain on Memorial Day, 4.2 inches over the previous 7 days with temps in the 50s made it feel much more like March than late May but the Tomato plants still had to be planted!

The Rudolph Spur Trail.

According to some information in a 2008 Mazamas Bulletin the Rudolph Spur Trail was designed by sheep herders in the early 1900's who were anxious for a quick way to get up to & down from the Benson Plateau where they would summer graze their sheep. The route was almost lost but according Don & Roberta Lowe in their 1986 book it was kept open to by a John Carlson of Cascade Locks. There are now two variations to the upper part above 2700', a ridge route or a trail (probably built by Mazamas) that skirts the East side of the ridge on up to the plateau. The Sunday before Memorial Day we set out to explore the trail making a loop out of it with the Ruckel Creek Trail for a 12 mile hike with about 4300' of EG beginning & ending in Cascade Locks. Despite the dubious forecast we managed to stay "mostly" dry!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Loop over wind Mountain.

After our Cook Hill Explorations we still had a couple of hours to spare & so stopped for a quick hike up Wind Mountain. We went up the usual Girl Scout Trail but came back down by way of the older & almost hidden native American trail. this is about twice as steep as the Girl Scout trail dropping close 900' in half a mile!

Looking East from the Rock Outcrop on the Girl Scout Trail.

Exploring Cook Hill

View from Cook Hill Meadow

Last weekend Chiyoko & I headed out to explore Cook Hill which is just East of Dog Mountain. It's actually about 50' taller than Dog Mountain is & has some excellent flower meadows. There are no official trails but a loop up & over the summit can be made using an old long abandoned road, & faint boot path & a bit of bushwhacking! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A hike around Silver Star, Sturgeon & Pyramid Rocks.

Sunday May 5th we went for a hike up to Silverstar. This a great place with lots of big views. The only drawback to the hike is the 7 miles of gravel road to the trailhead & the need for the hated (well at least by me) Washington State Discover pass :^).. We decided to do a loop that would also take in the tops of Sturgeon RockPyramid Rock as well as Silverstar Mountain.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Beacon, an Old Cabin, & Hamilton Mt.

Sunday was a Dreaded Discover Pass Free Weekend at Washington State Parks so Chiyoko & I headed over to Beacon Rock State Park to check a few things off the hiking list! Places we hadn't visited or seen before included Little Beacon Rock, an old Cabin hidden in the woods west of the Hamilton Mountain trail, a second high point on the Hamilton Ridge North of the Hamilton Saddle & the alternative cliff edge trail heading down from the Hamilton Summit.

Eagle Creek

Looking down from the top of Tunnel Falls

After our climb up Mt. St. Helens in perfect weather we were rained out for 2 weeks in row & so we were ready to get back into the woods rain or shine by April 21st! We decided on an old favorite, a hike up Eagle Creek to Tunnel & Twister Falls. I also made a short bushwhack side trip up to the top of Tunnel Falls. There is always something new to see on this hike!