Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hood to Coast

Our friend Meiko was over from Japan to run in the Nike Nippon Prefontaine team. Chiyoko & I went to cheer her along on leg 4 as she ran trough Zigzag on highway 26.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Day in Paradise!

Last Sunday Chiyoko and I headed out with Nancy & Keiko from Timberline Lodge to Paradise Park. On a beautifully clear blue sky day. The trail was overrun with folks doing the same thing but once we crossed Lost Creek we left the trail & headed to the upper meadows where the flowers were spectacular & we only saw one other person!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Mt. Whittier Traverse.

I had the chance of a rare mid week hike with Peder this week, we set our sites on the Mt. Whittier Traverse in the Mt. Margret back country. We hiked a 15 mile loop over Bear Pass and along the lakes trail past Grizzly, Obscurity and Panhandle lakes over to the Mt. Whittier Traverse junction. Then returned over the traverse and back down to Norway Pass and; the trailhead. A great day out just, I just wish there wasn't a 3 hour drive each way :^)..

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stopped by the Coe so we climbed the Pinnacle!

Sunday, Nancy, Mana, Chizuru, Chiyoko & I set out for the Moony Tarn on Mt. Hood. However weather & a fast flowing Coe Creek changed our plans. Instead we decided to make a loop out of the day by hiking back down the Pinnacle Ridge Trail & climbing up the Pinnacle. We all made it up to the saddle just below the final summit, Nancy, Chizuru & Chiyoko decided to hang out there while Mana & I scrambled up to the top for a look around! We finished with 12 miles & 3450’ for EG on the clock. By which time the Trout Pub in Sandy was calling my name :^)..

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Hike Up Cooper Spur

Sunday August 4th, Nancy, Mana, Shelly, Ian & I set out on a hike up Cooper Spur. Since the Forest Service have closed the Cloud Cap road this year the hike was a bit longer & tougher than usual! It came in at 13 miles with just over 5000' of EG. One of the days highlights was seeing a mother bear & her cub cross the trail about 100' in front of us though sadly we didn't have time to grab a photo. After thousands of miles of hiking on Oregon trails over the years this was my first bear sighting!

Zippin' in the Columbia Gorge!

So last weekend a bunch of us went & checked out the new Zip Line course at Skamania Lodge. It was a belated surprise Birthday Present for Chiyoko & Kazuko who new nothing about it until we got there :^)..