Thursday, September 19, 2013

A bit of exploring around Laurance Lake!

After a wonderful Saturday we woke Sunday to drizzle & the promise of rain! Still we took our chances by heading around to the East side of Hood & hiking from Laurance Lake on the High Loop trail to it's end on Bear Creek Rd. We then bushwhacked our way over to Perry Lake. From here we went up the Old Vista Ridge trail to Owl Point for lunch. 11.6 miles & 2350' of EG.

The bushwhack section of the hike from the end of Bear Creek Rd. to Perry Lake was about 1.5 miles and wouldn't take much work to open it up & extend the old Vista Ridge trail all the way to Laurance Lake!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Killer Mango Salsa

My killer Mango Salsa, made with 3 Mangoes, half a "Trinidad 7 Pot" pepper & half a "Ghost" Pepper. It needed about 10 more mangoes to dilute it down a bit :^)..

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Fine Pint!

A fine pint of India Pale Ale served at Bill's Tavern & Brew House in Cannon Beach Yesterday

A New Champion!

A few months ago I learned that a new State Champion Western Red Cedar had been discovered in Oregon. The old record holder is along the headwaters of the Clackamas River past Ripplebrook on the Mt. Hood National Forest. This one is on the coast not far from Cannon Beach. Luckily I had map to show me where it was!

Less than a mile off Highway 101 on State Forest Land is a grove of these ancient trees that are probably 800 to 900 years old & somehow survived being logged, most are in decline now with dead tops but they are still very impressive to see. The Champion scored 810 points on the Champion Tree Registry!

A Journey to the Bandit Boulder!

Chizuru, Chiyoko & I headed out on an adventure September 1st to find the Bandit Boulder. The name given to a giant boulder that sits at about 7600' at the foot of the Clack - Newton Glacier. Getting there involved an off trail trip of about 0.75 of a mile & 700' of climbing from the Timberline trail at the top of Gnarl Ridge. An interesting area of the mountain that we hadn't checked out before.

Nancy last Oregon Hike

On the Friday before the Labor Day Weekend Chiyoko & I headed up to Mt. Hood with Nancy for her last hike on the mountain before heading home. The weather didn't look promising when we left but as we made our way up the Climbers trail to the McNeil Shelter we broke through the clouds into bright sunshine! The weather at the end of the upper McNeil trail was perfect, sunny warm & no wind! We also got some great views of the Sandy Glacier Ice Cave. Rather than return the same way we scrambled down the ridge line on the Glisan Glacier side & rejoined the trail at the point where the side trail goes down to Glisan Creek.

We then made our way down to the Timberline trail along the banks of a secondary creek with some great wildflowers. Before heading for home we also tagged Cairn BasinEden Park. Probably because of all the rain the day before even the usually problem free creeks like the Glisan had a lot of water in them. For the first time Nancy had to wade a creek on Hood!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 4 - A trek to No Name Lake...

For the last day at Elk Lake we went on hike to find Broken Top's hidden No Name Lake. A 14 mile round trip from the Todd lake trailhead. The lake is hidden high at the foot of Broken Top at about 8000'. From there you can climb up onto the ridge between Broken Top & Broken hand for spectacular views of the Sisters.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 3 - South Sister Climb

The South Sister is the Mountain that I have Climbed the most over the years, I'm well into double figures, even Chiyoko was on her third climb in the 5 years since she has been living in Oregon! The views from the top never disappoint!

Day 2 - Green Lakes & Beyond

Day 2 of our Elk Lake trip we woke up to clouds & drizzle, not a day for high altitude hiking so we settled on checking out the Green Lakes area. The trouble is when it's cold & cloudy you don't stop on the trail for much & we soon found ourselves past Green lakes & on the way to Park Meadow, about 9 miles in. Just before reaching Park Meadow we took an unofficial side trail to Golden Lake & then from there another semi hidden trail up to two tarns sitting at about 7000' on the slopes of Broken Top. It turned into a 19 mile day hike but we saw some interesting country on a mostly cloudy day!

A few days at Elk Lake

Chiyoko & I got to spend a few days at Elk lake last week, we went down on the Sunday & after the mandatory stop in Madras at the Black Bear for Breakfast we arrived at about mid day just in time for a thunderstorm!

Luckily the weather got better from the Monday onward. Mirranda & Tyler joined us for a couple of days too, while we pounded the trails each day they hung out at the lake :^)..