Monday, October 21, 2013

The Salmon they are a runnin'

After an uncharacteristically lazy Sunday Lunch time eating Dim Sum with friends we spent the afternoon watching the Fall Salmon run on Eagle Creek.

Time to bake the Christmas Cake!

Chiyoko made a start on the 2013 Christmas Cake last weekend. Looking good, now begins the month of Brandy Feeding :^)..

The Last Chicken's Foot!

Dim Sum with friends for Lunch last Sunday, the only thing left on the table when we were done was the last chicken's foot :^)..

A snowy day on Barrett Spur!

2013/10/13: Chizuru, Chiyoko & I took advantage of another great October weather day & hiked up Barrett Spur from Vista Ridge on Hood. We made it up to 7300' for some great views of the mountain covered in fresh snow. We did fight some clouds, cold wind & ice on the way up but broke through the cloud layer just before reaching the end of the hike. Perfect timing!

Hot peppers anyone!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pickling Chanterelles

2013/10/08: Yesterday we were out Chanterelle picking, now we have to figure out what to do with them all! We thought we would try pickling some!

A Sunny & Snowy Day on McNeil Point!

2013/10/05: We were treated to a gorgeous day up on Mt. Hood, One to two feet of new Snow on the ground as we made our way up to McNeil Point & then on up the Ridge Line to just shy of 7000'.

Paradise is....

A full English!

2013/09/28: So what do you do when you are stcuk at home & can't go hiking on a Sunday? 
Make a Full English Breakfast of course!

First new snow on Hood!

2013/09/27: We were rained out of the Woods last weekend & this weekend promised to be even worse! With a rare Friday off work we decided to see if we could get a quick hike in Friday morning before the deluge of rain began. We managed a quick 6 mile loop from Timberline Lodge over to the Zigzag Canyon then up the Canyon side then back cross country to the Silcox Hut. We got back to the Lodge just as the rain was beginning! There we met Youshi Kasai (Wonderer) who had come over from Japan to through hike the PCT. We wished him well & good luck in getting through Washington State before the snows arrive.