Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Spring loop around Cast & Dumbbell Lakes

Sunday June 1st Kazuko, Chiyoko, Pascal & I headed out on a loop around Zigzag Mountain. Heading up the Cast Creek trail from the Riley Horse Camp, tagging Cast Lake then heading over to the Horseshoe ridge trail for the return hike. We also tagged the off trail Dumbbell lake on the way down Horseshoe ridge.

A climb up Cook Hill

A Very Wet Dog Mountain!

On a Sunday morning that promised rain & thunderstorms Pascal, Chiyoko & I took our chances on a climb up Dog Mountain. Things were good as far as the Puppy Dog Lookout but after that it was a much harsher world!

Our Frist trip to the Dalles Mountain Ranch..

The Klickitat Trail Again... (Another bit!)

Sunday May 4th we set out on our 4th Klickitat Trail Hike. This time covering the 6 mile section from where were left off last time down to the Harms Rd. Trail Head at MP28. This section required the longest drive of 75 miles from Troutdale but it went by pretty quickly. It also the most isolated section of the trail be have hiked with no other roads or houses in view. It was a good day to leave the rain of the West side behind!

Exploring Hamilton Creek

Sunday April 27th Chizuru, Chiyoko & I decided to explore the old logging railroad grade that runs up the East side of Hamilton Creek. It probably wasn't the best choice for such a wet & rainy day but we went anyway! There are a few gullies to negotiate as well as streams & boggy areas! At about the 5 mile mark we climbed up the ridge to our right to meet up with the PCT for an easier return to the trailhead. All told about a 9.5 mile loop with 2600, of EG.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exploring the Labyrinth!

Sunday April 20th we set off on a big loop around the Coyote Wall, Catherine Creek area beginning and ending from the Labyrinth Trail head which we hadn't hiked before. A grand day out was had by all!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

An April Climb up Mt. St. Helens

Sunday April 13th Shelly, Chiyoko & I put down our $22.00 a head for the privilege of being allowed to climb Mt. St. Helens! There is a short Spring climbing season from April 1st to Mother's day when paid permits are required but the 100 per day limit is not enforced. When you get a lovely sunny weekend day during this time you can expect the mountain to be teaming with people. It was but it was still a great day!

The Klickitat Trail - Part III

Sunday April 6th Chiyoko & I headed East with Keiko, Chizuru & Gregg to hike another section of the Klickitat Trail. This time we started 3 miles past Klickitat at the Wahkiacus TH & headed about 6 miles along the banks of Swale Creek into Swale Canyon. Lots of good scenerly, flowering Dessert Parsley & railroad left overs to look at! Other Klickitat Hikes: Lyle to MP 7.5 | Klickitat to MP 7.5 | Wahkiacus to MP 22 |

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Post Holin' on Salmon Butte

Sunday, Eric, Chiyoko & I headed up to the Summit of Salmon Butte. We didn't expect to run into very much snow & so didn't take our snow shoes - Well we should have :^)..

A Snow Shoe up Lamberson Butte

Sunday March 23rd was a perfect Spring Snow Shoe Day on Mt. Hood. We took advantage of the wonderful sunny weather & hiked up to the Summit of Lamberson Butte from the Hood River Meadows Nordic Center. We also tagged Elk Meadows on the way back making for a 9 mile hike with 2575' of EG and countless fantastic views along the way! Once over Newton Creek we didn't see anybody else for the whole day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Two days beginning with P

Over the last week we celebrated 2 "P" days :^) on March 14 we celebrated Pi day with some of Chiyoko's home made Cornish Pastys.

Then for St. Patrick's Day she made some Irish Brown Bread, Guinness Stew followed by a Syrup Sponge. I opened the Guinness ;^)...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fire & Water on Oneonta Creek!

Sunday Chizuru, Kazuko, Chiyoko, Pascal & I headed out for a hike in the rain up a raging Oneonta Creek in the Columbia Gorge. It seemed like a good day to practice our fire making skills :)..

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A 4T turned 2T

Last Sunday while some of the ladies were at a baby shower we set off to hike the Portland 4T (Trail, Tram, Trolley & Train). Things didn't go according to plan though as after the first T (the trail hike from the zoo to the OHSU tram) we discovered that the Tram is closed on Sundays! So we had to continue our hike down to the waterfront where we stopped for a restorative pint! After that rather than take the 3rd T (the street trolley) we continued walking along the waterfront to the 4th T (the Max line) which we took back up to the Zoo. A 4T turned 2T!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

PJ the jumping Chihuahua :^)

Last Sunday Chiyoko & I went over to visit our friends Phil & Suzy to raid their garden of Scions & cuttings for the Plantmad Garden. Having plenty of time we then went on a quick hike up Kings Mountain with them & their Trail Running Dog PJ :^)..

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exploring the Bridal Veil Plateau again!

Sunday February 16th a group of us headed out from the Bower & Palmer Mill junction for another exploration of the Bridal Veil Plateau. Photos of our first trip into the area can be found here. New to us on the trip was the Mystery Pipe, the '76 Datsun down by Coopey Creek, the whole West side of Coopey Creek & the Giant Dead Cedars. We also checked out the loop down to the Bullet Car & a great view point of Angels Rest.

Pascal at the base of a long dead Giant Cedar.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Local Street Hike on Ice!

Heading out from the driveway on Cottrell Road.

Sunday February 9th was Day 4 of our Deep Freeze Snow & Ice Event! Six inches of snow on the ground covered in a quarter inch layer of ice! We certainly were not going to be driving to the Gorge or Mt. Hood for a hike! Instead we thought that we would put our micro spikes on & hike to Oxbow park from home but as we got close to the back door to oxbow park we saw that a lot of ice & branches were falling so we thought better of walking through the trees! Instead we settled on a 5 mile road hike loop for the day.

Keeping the home fire burning....

Another Wheelbarrow of wood for the fire, oh the joy of country living :^)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A walk with Tom Dick & Harry

Chizuru, Chiyoko & I celebrated Superbowl Sunday 2014 by heading for the snow in the Hills! We donned snow shoes & hiked the loop around Mirror Lake, then up & over Tom Dick & Harry Mountain to Ski Bowl then back through the ski runs to where we started. We clocked just under 8 miles with 1830' of EG in some lovely fresh snow!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where has all the snow gone!

Some photos from our Sunday hike up Polallie Ridge to Cooper Spur & then down to Cloud Cap carrying our snow shoes the whole way :^)..

Saturday, January 25, 2014



Hoshigaki are Persimnons that are dried (and massaged) whole over a period of 2 or 3 months. We received a surprise box of these in the mail this week from friends who grew them in California. A welcome treat!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A snow shoe up Clark Creek Ridge

Last Sunday we went for an off trail snow shoe up Clark Creek Ridge. First through the trees & then out in the open up to about 6500' with big views on all sides. In this year of "no snow" we are having to go pretty high to get a snow shoe in!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Howling Winds on Angels Rest...

Friday afternoon Chiyoko & I had a couple of free hours so we made a quick dash up Angels Rest. We found some shelter on the West side for a few minutes but the wind was howling, it was difficult to even stay standing up!


Pickle has decided to take over ownership of the Blanket Chiyoko made for me for Christmas! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Cabin Hunt!

Thanks to the "Off Trail" forum we learned of a probably illegally built cabin hidden in the woods between the the old Palmer Mill Rd. & Devils Rest, however the person who posted the info did not share the coordinates or any more clues to it's location. A challenge Don & I could not resist! Last Sunday we set out into the very wet woods to see what we could find. Following a few hunches along with a large measure of good luck paid off for us!

Sadly the windows had all been smashed out & there was a notice hand written on a paper plate tacked to the door by a State Police trooper saying the cabin was illegal. I'm hoping it wasn't the authorities who had smashed out the windows leaving all the mess behind! Other than that the cabin was in great shape & well construed! This forum thread wont tell you where the cabin is but it will give you a lot of into on the old logging roads & trails in this area.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whale Watching & Cape Walking!

Day 4 we headed for Depot Bay to go Whale Watching. We got to see about 4 or 5 over the hour long trip But I was never quite ready with my Camera & this was about the only photo I got!

After a bite to eat at the Chowder Bowl we headed for Pacific City where the weather was more like Summer than Winter!

Lots going on at Pacific City including some guys who seemed to be in training for the Annual Darwin Award Competition ;^)

Wine Tasting & Snow!

For Day 3 of Kumiko's Visit we drove the Gorge, Hood River, Mt. Hood Loop. First stopping at a few of the usual spots in the Gorge.

Followed by a late breakfast at the Hood River Hotel & Wine tasting at Spring House Cellars.

After that we drove around Hood up to Timberline Lodge where Kumiko did 2 minutes of Snow Shoeing :^)..

Return To Portland

Our friend Kumiko came to see us for a few days at the beginning of 2014. First on her list was to go & say hi to her friend who lives at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

While in Portland we also checked out Pittock Mansion, had Mexican Food for Lunch then took the Street Car up to NW 23rd & then down to the Portland Tram (Cable Car).

Makin' Mochi!

Makin' Mochi for New Years Day!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A final hike for 2013!

For the last Sunday of 2013 we tried to get a quick snow shoe in to finish off the year. The only slight problem being there is almost no snow on Hood! There was more snow on Hood back in September than there is now! Still we figured we would find enough if we drove up to Timberline & then snowshoe over to the Zigzag Canyon. We hadn't banked on the ferocious winds though & after a couple of miles & a 1500' climb we'd had enough & beat a retreat first to the Silcox Hut & then to the Pub!