Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Spring loop around Cast & Dumbbell Lakes

Sunday June 1st Kazuko, Chiyoko, Pascal & I headed out on a loop around Zigzag Mountain. Heading up the Cast Creek trail from the Riley Horse Camp, tagging Cast Lake then heading over to the Horseshoe ridge trail for the return hike. We also tagged the off trail Dumbbell lake on the way down Horseshoe ridge.

A climb up Cook Hill

A Very Wet Dog Mountain!

On a Sunday morning that promised rain & thunderstorms Pascal, Chiyoko & I took our chances on a climb up Dog Mountain. Things were good as far as the Puppy Dog Lookout but after that it was a much harsher world!

Our Frist trip to the Dalles Mountain Ranch..

The Klickitat Trail Again... (Another bit!)

Sunday May 4th we set out on our 4th Klickitat Trail Hike. This time covering the 6 mile section from where were left off last time down to the Harms Rd. Trail Head at MP28. This section required the longest drive of 75 miles from Troutdale but it went by pretty quickly. It also the most isolated section of the trail be have hiked with no other roads or houses in view. It was a good day to leave the rain of the West side behind!

Exploring Hamilton Creek

Sunday April 27th Chizuru, Chiyoko & I decided to explore the old logging railroad grade that runs up the East side of Hamilton Creek. It probably wasn't the best choice for such a wet & rainy day but we went anyway! There are a few gullies to negotiate as well as streams & boggy areas! At about the 5 mile mark we climbed up the ridge to our right to meet up with the PCT for an easier return to the trailhead. All told about a 9.5 mile loop with 2600, of EG.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Exploring the Labyrinth!

Sunday April 20th we set off on a big loop around the Coyote Wall, Catherine Creek area beginning and ending from the Labyrinth Trail head which we hadn't hiked before. A grand day out was had by all!